2 1/2″ Black Leather Kilt Belt

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L & M belts use only the best quality 8 -9 oz leather available on the market today. This black leather has an extremely smooth, polished finish with a decorative edge line and features a “paste” finished back in which there are absolutely no loose leather fibres. Each belt comes with a 9″ adjustment range and are available in 2″ increments from 20″ – 70″,
NOTE: 1. A $5 surcharge applies to belts over 50″.
2. Belts over 48″ may be spliced, based on leather available at time of order.(Spliced belts have a small chrome splicing loop that will be unseen when worn

Sword Belt

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All L & M sword belts are made of top quality belt leather or PVC with brass or chrome hardware. They are designed and manufactured to actually carry Ceremonial and Regimental Swords. All belts come complete with two straps, each with a swivel snap hook for attaching the sword scabbard to as well as a hook directly on the belt to allow the wearer sword position options. This product is available in black, white or patent black leather and in 2 1/2″ or 2 1/4″ widths.

An optional sword frog may be added.

Please contact for pricing

2 Piece Buckle Style Waist Belt

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Made of 8/9 oz leather, this style belt is used in conjunction with a two piece buckle and features 2 end adjusters and a leather billet which sits behind the buckle.

NOTE: This belt requires a two part buckle(sold separately) as there is no loop or hook hardware.

Sam Browne Belt

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L & M Sam Browne belts remain true to the original design and are available in brown or black or patent leather. The belts are available by themselves or with the traditional shoulder strap and can be made to any required specifications of your organization. Hardware is available in brass or chrome finish. Other options include accessory hooks, keepers and ornamental stitching.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.