Leather Music Card Case

sdfsdfsdfsdf By Evan d'Entremont on Nov 19, 2016

This pouch is used to store and carry sheet music and made from top quality belt leather. Available in patent, brown, black or white leather. The flap is secured by two snaps to ensure no accidental opening. The pouch can be made with or without belt loops on the back for carrying purposes.

Dirk Frog

sdfsdfsdfsdf By Evan d'Entremont on Feb 16, 2015

A Dirk Frog is used to hang a Dirk scabbard from a waist belt and is made by L&M from 8-9 oz Italian leather and high quality hardware.

Sword Belt

sdfsdfsdfsdf By Evan d'Entremont on Feb 16, 2015

All L & M sword belts are made of top quality belt leather or PVC with brass or chrome hardware. They are designed and manufactured to actually carry Ceremonial and Regimental Swords. All belts come complete with two straps, each with a swivel snap hook for attaching the sword scabbard to as well as a hook directly on the belt to allow the wearer sword position options. This product is available in black, white or patent black leather and in 2 1/2″ or 2 1/4″ widths.

An optional sword frog may be added.

Please contact for pricing

Drummer Leather Leg Guard

sdfsdfsdfsdf By Evan d'Entremont on Feb 16, 2015

Used by Drummers to protect their leg while marching. This item is typically used by Drummers who use a drum sling and leg rest such as a Fife and Drum Corp or Ceremonial Unit. This product can be custom made to suit your unit’s individual needs.

Available in chrome or brass finish buckles

2 Piece Buckle Style Waist Belt

sdfsdfsdfsdf By Evan d'Entremont on Feb 16, 2015

Made of 8/9 oz leather, this style belt is used in conjunction with a two piece buckle and features 2 end adjusters and a leather billet which sits behind the buckle.

NOTE: This belt requires a two part buckle(sold separately) as there is no loop or hook hardware.

Sam Browne Belt

sdfsdfsdfsdf By Evan d'Entremont on Feb 16, 2015

L & M Sam Browne belts remain true to the original design and are available in brown or black or patent leather. The belts are available by themselves or with the traditional shoulder strap and can be made to any required specifications of your organization. Hardware is available in brass or chrome finish. Other options include accessory hooks, keepers and ornamental stitching.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Sword Frog

sdfsdfsdfsdf By Evan d'Entremont on Feb 16, 2015

When mounted on an L & M Infantry sword belt this frog will hold the wearers sword in place in a forward downward pointing position. This will allow greater control over the position of the sword, especially when marching and marking time. This product can be easily retrofitted onto an existing sword belt as it mounts using two “Chicago” screws. Please indicate if this Frog will be mounted on a 2 1/4″ or 2 1/2″ belt

Available in patent, black or white leather and with brass or chrome hardware.