Leather Gauntlets

These white leather parade gauntlets are quite robust and are used by Colour/Honour Guards and Drum Majors.


These high quality spats are hand made right here at L & M Highland from the best materials available and will hold up under the most challenging of conditions. Whether for Military or civilian use our spats will provide years of wear with only minimal maintenance. We offer 4 standard sizes that fit most adults. Buttons are available in both black and white. The standard configuration is 8 buttons but that can be altered at no additional cost to the customer. Please specify your preferences when ordering.

Custom toe cut is also available. For example, Black Watch spats have a V cut toe.

Sword Frog

When mounted on an L & M Infantry sword belt this frog will hold the wearers sword in place in a forward downward pointing position. This will allow greater control over the position of the sword, especially when marching and marking time. This product can be easily retrofitted onto an existing sword belt as it mounts using two “Chicago” screws. Please indicate if this Frog will be mounted on a 2 1/4″ or 2 1/2″ belt

Available in patent, black or white leather and with brass or chrome hardware.

Lace Shoulder Boards

Shoulder boards are available in many varieties to meet the needs of today’s numerous Military units. L & M Highland shoulder boards are available with red, green or black bases and the gold lacing can be made in virtually any pattern or colour to match your Regiment’s existing design. Board length can also be adjusted based on the customer’s needs. Boards come with a standard metal clip for mounting on the wearers uniform.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Wire Piper’s Badge

Our Piper’s badges are available in gold or white wire and black, green or red base. Badge is approximately 2″ in height

Wire Drummer’s Badge

Our Drummer’s badges are available in gold or white wire and black, green or red base. Badge is approximately 2″ in height

Drum Major Baldric – Custom Wirework

These Drum Major Baldrics are completely handmade and built to spec based on the customer’s needs. We offer a full range of colour options, crest and banner placement and can even integrate tartan into the design. All Coats of arms, crests and shields can be reproduced as our craftspeople have years of experience reproducing a wide range of artwork using both textile thread and wire. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide you with pricing and delivery times.

Drum Major Wristlet

This rank wristlet is made of top quality black leather with a high quality chrome Drum Major badge. The wristlet is secured using a chrome buckle and is adjustable to meet the sizing needs of the wearer.

Rank Wire badges

This Warrant Officer wire badge is just a sample of the many varieties of both wire and embroidered badges we offer to our customers. Please contact us to discuss your needs and pricing. All badges are custom made to the needs of the user.

Rank Chevrons

We at L & M Highland recognize that there are many varieties of chevrons both in style and colour. We will work with the customer to create chevrons that meet the specifications of the unit. Please contact for pricing.

Regiment, Unit Wire Badges

No matter what the design or detail, L & M Highland can create wire badges that are both high quality and competitively priced for the end user. Please contact us to discuss design and pricing.

Metal Military Badges

L & M can provide any design of badge required by the customer. Our badges are typically brass body and then gilt or chrome plated. These badges will not simply snap in half like poor quality badges will. Our badges utilize cotter pin mounting as this very old style of mount has proven to be the most resilient.

Sterling silver badges are also available on request.

Please contact us for pricing .

Bagpipe Banner

L & M Bagpipe Banners are hand made to your custom requirements. We will work with you to select banner colour, fabric, shape and size as well as the cresting which is created using hand woven wirework and fabric embroidery to replicate beautiful, true to original insignia. Banners can be identical on both sides or have different insignia based on the requirements of your organization or unit. L & M Bagpipe Banners come with an internal stiffener to ensure the banner hangs correctly while mounted on the bagpipe drone. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Discounts are available based on multiple banner orders

Please call for pricing