Ty Fry Tenor Mallets

Product # 6080/6081

The mallet that launched the TyFry™ brand - the TyFry™ Classic. Despite the choice of other mallets available, the Classic has passed the test of time and remains a strong favourite with many tenor drummers.

The Classic model has the following features that make TyFry™ mallets stand out from the competition:

  • Injection moulded Acetal shaft offers superior strength.
  • Integral butt end and dense core ensure no insecure component.
  • Similar feel and give to traditional cane shafts with unmatched endurance and stability.
  • Tri-density head allows full control over the degree of attack (and resultant decay) between the mallet and the drum head.
  • Finished with quality fur covers.
  • Available in Short (8") and Long (9") models with choice of black or white shaft.

Price: $75.95