Rhythmic Fingerwork

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Rhythmic Fingerwork: Instruction in Technique for the Highland Bagpipe Since first publication in 1998, Rhythmic Fingerwork has sold more than 10,000 copies world wide. There is no piping instruction book quite like this one, where you are encouraged and taught how to improve your music by focusing on your technique. Here in a nutshell is what Rhythmic Fingerwork can offer you: 141 exercises covering all light music technique Detailed instruction on how to play and practise each exercise Audio CD demonstrating all exercises A practical philosophy to help you understand gracenoting Suitable for all levels except complete beginners, Rhythmic Fingerwork has gone through 5 printings since its release in 1998 and continues to draw raves for it common-sense approach to the difficult technique of the Highland bagpipe. In addition to being a great self-study tool, it is also a great practical tool for teachers and teaching programs

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